Testimonial from Lisa Dimond

Hi Jen,

I would like to take this opportunity to give a “Special Thank You” to all of you who put together “Special Olympics” for our children. Up until my son attended James E. Allen Jr./Sr. H.S. he never participated in “SpecialOlympics.” Prior to my divorce, Joseph and I lived in Northport. Joseph and I currently live in Huntington. Upon Joseph attending James E. Allen Jr./Sr. H.S., we were introduced to Mr. Larry Cimino (Coach Larry as my son calls him) Adapt Phy Ed Teacher. Immediately Mr. Cimino started talking about “Special Olympics” and how he would train my son along with all of the other students and their one to one aides so the children would experience what “Special Olympics” was like. I said ok and from that point on the history begins. 2014 was the first time for Joseph at “Special Olympics” he did great! Joseph came in 1st place for the 50 Meter. As I am a runner I was filled with tears since I have been trying to do track for several years with Joseph (walking and running.) Joseph did not seem interested until I spoke with Mr, Cimino and he gave me some tips on how to get my son interested on the track. Mr. Cimino is “Amazing” and genuinely is dedicated to the children. Not to mention he also is very organized with the paper work details so the day of the event families and friends can truly focus on our children and not worry about paper work. This year 2015 Joseph also participated in “Special Olympics” and although he did not come in 1st place with the 50 meter ( most of the children became frightened when the gun went off at the start), Joseph enjoyed the day participating in the 50 Meter with his peers! As a Mother of a child with “Special Needs” there are no words to express the “Love and Gratitude” one feels when complete strangers dedicate their careers and lives to our children……

Again, it was a pleasure speaking with you.

Lisa Dimond