Testimonial – Athlete Jonathan Peterson

We always love to share testimonials. Here is one from Jonathan Peterson’s Mom…. As you recall, Jonathan was the Athlete who lit the Cauldron during the Special Olympics NY State Winter Games. This was his first time competing with Special Olympics NY – Hudson Valley State Winter Games and competed in Figure Skating, winning the gold. We are proud of you Jonathan!

My family and I wanted to congratulate you on an outstanding Winter Games! Jonathan had a fantastic experience competing in Figure Skating and is so excited to compete again next year!

My Mom, Jonathan’s eldest brother Zachary, and I are so very, very grateful for helping us with the enrollment process, answer questions and for your guidance for Jonathan to compete in the 2017 New York State Winter Special Olympic Games! WOW!!!! From the tremendous honor of lighting the Special Olympic Cauldron, to the exciting ice skating competition, and the thrill of receiving his first Gold Medal in his first Winter Special Olympics, we are so deeply touched by the enormous enthusiasm from the community for Jonathan’s journey. I never thought in a million years this would ever happen to him or our family. We are just blown away

Jonathan is already telling everybody “I want to do it again next year!” When you ask Jonathan how he feels about the Special Olympics, he says “I’m proud” and “I’m so special”. He LOVED every moment of this amazing experience.

Thank you all so very, very much again for being so helpful and so supportive of Jonathan on such a monumental and amazing day in his life. You made Jonathan’s first New York State Winter Special Olympics experience a HUGE success! We will always treasure his incredible experience!~ Karla Peterson