A Testimonial from Anne Lee to Central Region

Hi Cassandra,

You said you liked to get testimonials from people. Here’s one from us.

Byron did not play team sports in school. It was just too much for him to compete at the same level as the other kids, and he would get very discouraged.

When he was 21 we heard about Special Olympics and he decided to try Floor Hockey.   He joined the Skills group at first, but they needed players on the team.

After a practice or so, he was beginning to get comfortable about playing.   At one point the disk flew past him and he “went for it”  He crashed against the wall but came up with the disk and a smile.

The goalie ran over from the goal to see if he was OK.  When he saw the smile, he said, “Byron, after a crash like that you are smiling?  Welcome to the team!”

It was as good as a rite of passage for any kid.  He gave his all, he was wanted and he belonged.

You may already know but the goalie was John Renzi.

Best wishes,

Anne Lee

Monday, August 18, 2014