Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with Special Olympics New York provides opportunities for your company or organization to spread its message to thousands of athletes, coaches, volunteers and families. At the same time, your company/organization will be supporting the 64,659 (2013 census) athletes and all the people involved in the Special Olympics movement. Special Olympics New York works with each corporation to create a customized partnership that may include marketing opportunities, employee engagement and recognition at corporate special events and sports competitions.

Recognition of all contributions and marketing dollars is commensurate with the level of support and tailored to that corporation or organization.

All programs are free to all registered athletes and include insurance, facilities, equipment, uniforms, housing and meals at events, awards, sports and education and more. We do not charge the athletes or their families or caregivers.

Your company can partner in the following ways:

  • Seasonal or year-round partnerships
  • Fundraising event partnerships
  • Employee volunteerism and fundraising
  • Promotional campaigns (Cause Marketing)
  • Goods & services partnerships

For more information, please contact:

Renee Snyder
Vice President – Development & PR