We wanted to share this beautiful testimonial. We transform lives in so many different ways. Here is a perfect example. We wish you all a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

My son Justin was asked to assist with Special Olympics by his middle school principal a few years back and his enthusiasm and constant smiles were a breath of fresh air for me and my husband to witness.

He worked the event for eight hours, giving awards out to every athlete. We were so proud of him.

Justin does not have any friends at school. He is not athletic, popular or ever picked as a partner to do an assignment with or team up with in a sport. He has never been invited to birthday parties by his peers.

Justin plays video games with computer friends that he has never met I think he has come to terms with his pragmatic speech problems and knows the comfort of leading a game behind a screen as opposed to trying to fit in with his classmates. He feels a kindness from the kids in Special Olympics and the sense of importance they bring to him as he gives them their awards is a real self-esteem builder.

I hope he can assist you in every event when you need volunteers.
It’s wonderful to see him so happy while amongst people we can actually see.

All the best,
Bobbi Zacchi