Heathcote Elementary School – Thank you Letter

http://specialolympics-ny.org/hudsonvalley/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2017/06/18740755_1381866795239480_4733781554274378978_n.jpgHeathcote Elementary School – Thank you Letter

On May 30th, Staff Teresa Gilli and Athlete, Paul Asaro visited the Heathcote Elementary School in Scarsdale to speak to the 3rd Grade Students about #SpecialOlympics. They do this yearly and enjoy visiting the schools. Seeing teachers, parents, and especially the students wanting to learn more about Special Olympics just warms our hearts.

We received an email today about their visit. We wanted to share with all of you. This program, Learning From Our Differences, is amazing. Now we know why Teresa and Paul enjoy doing this yearly:

Dear Teresa,

Once again, thank you for the great presentation you and Paul gave yesterday. As you could probably tell from all the questions you received, the kids were very interested in learning more and extremely engaged.

This is from an email I received today from a 3rd grader’s mom: “he could not stop talking about yesterday’s presentation on the Special Olympics. It really made a strong impression on him!”

This is the kind of positive attitudes and messages we want to generate and reinforce with the Learning From Our Differences program. And we are so grateful for the support and participation of people like you and Paul, whose extraordinary commitment and openness are vital in making this possible.

Please share this with Paul and thank him too on behalf of the LFOD team and the entire Heathcote community.

All the best,


Ana Bluth
LFOD Co-chair
Heathcote School