NYC Regional Update – 10/6/2017

Coaches, please make sure to take a look in the Coaches Corner; where you will find the link forĀ Training Club Rosters. Make sure to fill out and submit a copy to our office prior to the beginning of the upcoming season. If no rosters are submitted, you will not receive registration materials for the upcoming season. Thank You!
Please check out the updated Medical & Consent Form. If you are in the process of renewing medicals, please use this new form moving forward. The link can be found in the Coaches Corner. As the old form expires, coaches must utilize the new form.

Coach Re-Certification Online!

Click Here if you want to follow these 10 easy steps.

2017 Fall Invitational

Saturday October 14, 2017 @ Randall’s Island Sunken Meadow Fields 13-14-15



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